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Blue Ridge Boogie Ride

Friday, October 7th, 2016 at TBD

Location: Cruso, North Carolina

This event is in the past.

As a wrap up to a great 2016 riding season Mike Dobson and I are planning an end of season, “Blue Ridge Boogie” road trip down to the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP). If you’ve never ridden the Parkway, this is a chance to ride some great motorcycle roads combined with some spectacular fall views. If you’ve been before, here’s an opportunity to relive the experience with some friends…

The trip is planned for the Columbus Day weekend, which starts Saturday October 8 through Monday October 10th.

The Plan:

Friday October 7th. Meet at a central location (TBD) and ride down to the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in Cruso North Carolina (motorcycle only campground). This will be the staging point. The campground offers cabins ($45.00 per night 1-2 persons) and tent camping ($15.00 per night), as well as free WiFi, nightly campfires and a restaurant on site. Check it out at  www.blueridgemotorcyclecamp.com .  If you’re not up for camping, there are some hotels in the area as well.

The campsite is in close proximity to the BRP, it’s about 90 miles from Deal’s Gap as well as other great riding roads.           

If you can’t get off from work on Friday, we are more than happy to welcome you on Saturday for some riding on Sunday. We’ll head back home on Monday, October 10th.

Let me know if you have an interest in riding down.



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at 5:47pm on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
WV Ride Report (RR)

On Sunday morning I woke to a soaking rain as I readied for our adventure trip. Now a two day event with two other club members. Chris, Bob and I defaulted to a revised trip schedule that went from a 4 day Dragon adventure to the south along the Blue Ridge Parkway, setting up a base camp at the MC Campground on the parkway. To an over night loop to the western side of West Virginia. Meet up was to be at Chris's place and the time was set at 0830. Well at 0830 it was still poring buckets of water outside of my garage from above as I was texting the other guys that I was just leaving for the meet up at Chris's place near Aberdeen. One final weather check of the Aberdeen forecast which indicated the moisture had cleared out, replaced by gusty winds.

Out of the garage and into the weather. It was a freakin monsoon type of rain. Soaking at least. To make matters worse I needed to stop for gas, since I couldn't gas up before the trip due to it raining the previous day. As I was heading out of Delaware I became aware of a "LEAK". Now there are several definitions of leaking or leak. At this point and time a leak is defined as a cold feeling oozing in your base camp area and I'm not talking GPS! Forty minutes later I arrive at Chris's place and Bob and Chris have absorbed at least one cup of coffee waiting my arrival.

I had arrived at our pre-arranged meeting place, having followed the GPS to Chris's house. When riding in the rain some times you suspect it but you finally realize it when you come to a stop, dismount and stand up. It's that precise moment that you realize you feel like a three year old that didn't make it to the potty in time. Damm this suit was supposed to be water proof. Late and crotch soaked I was disappointed in my wet test on the FirstGear one piece riding suit I had picked up for a lower than low price of 300 small ones. As I began wondering, was this a $300 small one mistake. I made my apologies for my tardiness and Chris offered up a K cup of brew. I asked for a place to change my diaper out. One side benefit of the First Gear textile "wet" suit is that there is no liner and the fact that it holds no water. After a fresh change, gearing back up became a dry experience anew. Later I came to the realization that the one piece suit can roll up on you around your waste line, creating a pocket for holding water, which then pools it and pores it onto your belt line through the water flap. Nothing like receiving a training lesson on how to manage your riding gear in situation.

Chris had payed out a pre-agreed on route that created a destination "Clarksburg" WV via route 50 up and down across the Ap. ranges that can provide for fun corner twisting and fall scenery. We made our way to the fun point via the big slab I95, I695, I70 to Frederick Md where we picked up Rt 340 south and then on to Winchester via Rt 7 W. in Winchester we picked up our main course (Rt 50 W). 50 is a main route that runs across Virginia, West Virginia and west l. Next stop would be lunch.

When the stomach monster came a grumbling we stumbled around looking for a pub that was no longer in existence and drifted over to an Applebee's to quiet the monster. It was an easy shot back onto Rt 50 since the Applebee's was just off the road in a shopping center west of Winchester VA.

Back on the road again, heading west on 50, we started winding up and around hills then mountains as we passed north of Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Area and over Sunrise Summit. Up the range then down, winding our way towards Mt Storm. My Storm was familiar to me from a power industry perspective because of the large coal fired power plant and the famous fire that burned it down some time ago. Rebuilt, I could see it off in the distance belching smoke into the atmosphere from its 750' tall stacks. My Storm power plant is located just south of our track on Rt 48. Westward bound at speed, we find ourselves in West Virginia, where Rt50 is known as the George Washington Highway. Rt 50 is well worth the ride with its twisting asphalt roadway, clean and gravel free we really enjoyed a whole day of winding whipping road.

Soon we crossed over the Cheat river (wonder what that means) and passed to the north of Tygart Lake State Park. We continued on to Bridgeport and just before we would have passed under I79 and into Clarksburg proper, we had arrived at our destination for the day, good old Marriott Town Place Suites. How Ironic, the very same place I had ended my 1500 mile endurance run from Albuquerque NM the previous summer. Welcome back Mr Dobson said the hotel clerk, you've stayed with us before.

Chris, Bob and I quickly settled in and Chris gained us a non-Uber taxi ride over to a Primanti Bros restaurant. Non-Uber I say because there was no Uber available. I thought those guys were everywhere. Full and ready we headed back in the same taxi ( by the way, the only taxi in Clarksburg WV). We settled in to watch the 2nd Presidential Debate on the big screen in the so called lounge. Wow, what a show that was but that's another story.

Columbus Day found us up and very dewy outside so we delayed our start until post 10:30. Allowing the asphalt to warm for our arrival. We headed south on I79, to catch Rt 20 south and worked our way over to, you guessed it, Seneca Rock! Good old Cass. We never quite made it to the. Cas rally site but we were not far off.

Heading east we needed to make some time now so we crawled over Rt 33 to Harrisonburg and the site of the famous James Madison University. Hungry again we searched for a pub we once ate lunch at but was now closed so we dug into a college dive for some burgers and real college kid food.

Getting later in the day we know we needed to make time so we jumped on I81 north to start our trek home at warp factor 1 now we made good time up past I66 into Winchester Va again, reversing our track onto Rt7 and then Rt340 and uneventful riding all the way to I695 where we were halted in our tracks. Stuck we found an exit and Chris navigated his way across the. Northern Parkway in Baltimore (didn't like it) but it was the trick we needed to escape a town where only criminals can carry!

Jumping onto I95 it was a twist of the wrist a crack of exhaust and Warp II we headed north and home.

One more thing to add to a great road trip mapped out by Chris, is that riding behind Chris was like walking behind a B. B. Spanish girl, you just can't take your eyes off of.....


at 12:32pm on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016
Let's go riding. Sign up for the trip and explore the smoky mountains, ride the Dragon. October is the perfect time to be on the road.


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